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Upper Primary

From 2nd to 5th grade, a transformative academic program to engage young minds and promote creative thinking—on a global and local scale

Spanning grades 2 to 5, the upper primary program builds upon the foundation laid in lower primary with a rich, interdisciplinary, world-focused curriculum. English immersion continues, with the addition of Portuguese language classes and Brazilian history, geography and social studies as part of the World Course. We emphasize:

Language immersion in English, setting students on the path to fluency

Portuguese language classes and an integrated Brazilian program

Inquiry-based learning in our global humanities curriculum

Language Immersion in English

Developing and consolidating lifelong language skills

The immersion program continues from lower primary, with students learning most academic content in English, supported by two teachers per classroom. Portuguese language classes ensure that students reap the cognitive benefits of bilingualism, including enhanced executive functioning, better memory, and improved metalinguistic awareness.

An Integrated Brazilian Program

Avenues is building a global network of interconnected campuses with shared educational objectives and common pedagogical approaches. But while our vision is ambitiously global, our focus is decidedly local. That means that at Avenues São Paulo, we take Brazilian educational standards as seriously as we do international ones.

By taking an integrated curricular approach to instruction in Portuguese and English, our students attain a balanced mastery of both languages and reap the extensive cognitive benefits of bilingualism. All of the Brazilian national curricular components of Portuguese are included in our language curriculum at each grade level. We do not see English and Portuguese as belonging to separate silos, but as two important facets of an Avenues education.

The Fundamentals

The upper primary curriculum focuses on inquiry, creativity and building community. The curriculum includes:

  • Reading, writing and spelling in English
  • Portuguese language classes from 2nd grade on
  • Science
  • Math
  • The World Course, incorporating components from the Brazilian national curriculum
  • Creative computation
  • Design Thinking
  • Music
  • Art
  • Wellness and Movement

A Global Curriculum for a World School

What do Avenues students learn? The Avenues World Elements table is our answer to that question. Designed by our research and development team, the Avenues World Elements is a global curricular system that defines the learning outcomes of Avenues students at all grade levels, at all our campuses.

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