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Mastery Program Teacher - SP Secondary Division

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Secondary Division (São Paulo)

Position: Mastery Program Teacher - Secondary Division

Location: São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Start: July 2020

Do not ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. —Howard Thurman



A top-tier school from New York City, offering a trulyglobal education, opened in São Paulo in August 2018 and is expanding to other global cities in coming years. Teaching and learning through language immersion in English and challenging interdisciplinary projects. A culture of creativity, entrepreneurship and deep collaboration. State-of-the-art technology throughout. Brilliant colleagues, with widely diverse experience, creating a unique educational experience together. Unparalleled possibilities for professional learning and development prospects around the globe. There is no place quite like Avenues.



Collaboration here isn't a buzzword: it's woven into everything we do. At Avenues, no one teaches on an island. Substantial time to collaborate is embedded into the schedule. Teacher teams, across multiple disciplines, design learning experiences together for a whole grade level. This intensity of collaboration is challenging as well as exciting: we're always evolving, learning from each other and seeking to improve.



The Mastery Program at Avenuesguides each student to identify an area of personal interest and pursue their interest in great depth. To develop mastery of an area, students develop meaningful passion for something, seek out mentors, and organize a range of experiences that culminate in a long-term, customized project. The heart of mastery is intrinsic reward—the beautiful engagement of one's passions in pursuit of excellence. Mastery is both a distinctive program unique to Avenues and a key learning experienceshared by Avenues students around the world. 

As the Mastery Program Teacher, you will ensure that all students: 

  • Explore and experiment with their interests, leading to identifying and selecting an area of personal passion 
  • Pursue their chosen area in-depth for multiple years
  • Produce a remarkable, unique capstone project or experience, and share it with the wider community
  • Engage in small communities of peers dedicated to similar work
  • Engage mentors inside and outside Avenues in support of the mastery project



Avenues Mastery teachers come from a variety of backgrounds, and bring all or most of the following:

  • Deep belief that each student has latent genius that can be tapped and developed through time and effort
  • Teaching that engages students in meaningful, challenging inquiry, including in areas of personal passion
  • Familiarity with research on creativity, deliberate practice and other areas relevant to the Mastery Program
  • Skill at giving students meaningful, frequent feedback to help them deepen their learning
  • Passion for working with young people as they learn, struggle, and grow
  • Entrepreneurial drive, creativity and ability to bring new ideas to fruition
  • Strong organization skills, to manage multiple projects with excellent follow-through and attention to detail
  • Intellectual curiosity and humility, to reflect, welcome feedback, and grow in teaching practice
  • Enthusiasm to support student-driven work within the Mastery team and throughout the organization



Please read first about Avenues: The World School and our distinctive approach, and consider whether our mission and approach would be a good fit for you:

Apply through the Careers section of our website at Be sure to include a letter of application, in English, in which you thoughtfully explain why you believe that this role at Avenues São Paulo would be an excellent match for your experience, skills and passions. 

Avenues offers competitive compensation and a generous benefits package. Avenues is committed to diversity among our staff, and applicants of diverse backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.


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