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Avenues Online

The virtual campus of Avenues: The World School

Avenues Online is the virtual campus of Avenues: The World School, offering a comprehensive web-based school experience to students in grades 6–12.

With a unique interdisciplinary curriculum, daily interaction with world-class faculty and the same proven college counseling provided to students at Avenues’ brick-and-mortar campuses, Avenues Online is setting a new standard for online education.

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to a new school of thought

Avenues Online is the virtual campus of Avenues: The World School, serving students in grades 6 –12. Wherever there is an internet connection, there is Avenues Online.

The world-class faculty who teach at Avenues Online are fully committed to their students, with no other teaching duties beyond Avenues Online.

Avenues Online is delivered through a unique, interactive platform designed for daily collaboration, in-depth discussion and the constant provision of feedback.

The intellectual and mentoring relationships between teacher and student are at the heart of the best educational experiences, and Avenues Online is no different. Students commonly interact several times per day with their teachers in real time, whether in virtual seminars with peers or one-on-one.

The Great Works program, blending project-based learning with a “great books” curriculum, is the cornerstone of the Avenues Online experience.


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Discover the people, places and values that make Avenues unique.

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Students currently enrolled in Avenues Online can log in to the portal here.

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